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Kunsthaus Bregenz - Modern art in Vorarlberg

Kunsthaus Bregenz KUB

Modern art museum in Bregenz, Austria

A museum in the light of Lake Constance

The KUB is one of the outstanding exhibition institutions for contemporary art in Europe in terms of its architecture and programming. It was designed by the internationally renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. Thanks to its construction, the KUB is one of the most significant museum buildings within contemporary architecture worldwide and is an exemplary example of the style of minimalism.

The architect on the KUB

“The Kunsthaus stands in the light of Lake Constance. Its body is made from glass sheets, steel and a mass stone made from poured concrete that gives the inside of the building structure and space. Seen from the outside, the building is like a lighting fixture. It takes the alternating light of the sky, the hazy light of the lake into itself, shines back light and colour and, depending on the angle of view, allows the time of day and weather to be predicted based on its interior”, says architect Peter Zumthor about his building.


The building shell of the KUB is made from large panels of glass similar to frosted glass. They provide an initial filtering and the optimal deflection of the daylight to the light diffusing ceiling of the exhibition floors. In darkness, the artificial light shines through the light strips from the inside of the building through the glass skin and shows its interior. The interior of the Kunsthaus are marked by visible concrete and polished terrazzo.


With its exhibitions and projects, Kunsthaus Bregenz not only poses international challenges to itself, it also makes a contribution to the cultural identity of the region with projects in Vorarlberg. You can find more information about the current exhibitions at


Since the opening of Kunsthaus Bregenz in 1997, national and international artists have continually been invited to develop art projects especially for the 7 KUB billboards along Seestraße in Bregenz.

The KUB billboards serves an important instruction to provide information and serve communication with a wide audience for Kunsthaus Bregenz and the artists involved. The content of the billboard have always led to positive as well as controversial reactions and will continue to do so.

Enjoy the KUB programme during your holiday in Vorarlberg

In 2015 the KUB Billboards will be designed by the artists exhibiting at Kunsthaus Bregenz, that is, they will feature reproductions of their works. This will enable the artists to communicate their work within a public space: Rosemarie Trockel, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Joan Mitchell, Heimo Zobernig.

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Photo Header : Matthias Weissengruber © Kunsthaus Bregenz
Photo: Alfred Hablützel © Trix und Robert Haussmann