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Mental Fitness in the Bregenz Forest

Mental fitness in Hotel Post in Bezau

Yoga class & retreats at spa hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

Regeneration of body and spirit

Fitness plays a very large role in our society, as well as mental fitness. The correct ratio between movement and relaxation is the key to inner balance. In the harmony of your holiday at Hotel Post in Bezau, you can take new paths in the regeneration of the body and spirit and achieve your psychophysical balance.

Finding balance

For active relaxation, movement and relaxation programmes are offered every day with professional instruction. They help you to handle stress and its effects better. Learn how to find inner balance and face the challenges of the everyday with a new vitality.

Hotel Post in Bezau offers the following courses:

  • Yoga
  • Qigong / Shaolin qigong
Active wellness holidays in the Alps in Vorarlberg, Austria


Yoga means oneness and harmony. The practice of yoga involves mental as well as physical exercises. The roots of yoga are in India. In the west, physical experiences are primarily the focus, the so-called asanas. These yoga exercises train strength, flexibility and balance.


According to TCM, all organs have a direct or indirect connection with each other. Using special qigong exercises, the mutual cooperation of the organs is harmonised and the body is supported in its self-healing. Qigong is not concerned with the strengthening or stretching of the musculature, but instead in harmonic, energetic movement with the goal of releasing blocks.

Holistic Approach

To make sure that your active programme is perfect, the Susanne Kaufmann spa offers you special treatments. These range from alkaline treatments that not only relax the musculature but also accelerate the detoxification process of the body to Thalodal sports massage. Your nutrition can also be coordinated completely with your training schedule or desired weight. From food low in carbs during a weight reduction to a diet rich in protein to build muscle. And our drink buffet ensures that you will have sufficient fluids. We especially recommend the alkaline tea.

Find your way back to inner harmony and reserve your room at Hotel Post Bezau before it’s too late. Make a non-binding holiday inquiry here.