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Mushroom hunting season in the Bregenz Forest

Mushroom hunting season in the Bregenz Forest

Indulgence at Hotel Post Bezau

In September, mushrooms play a leading role in the Hotel Post kitchen

A look back in history: A brief look back reveals the chequered history of the mushroom, from the cuisine of the aristocracy in the Middle Ages to servants’ food in the Renaissance to today’s delicacy, noble mushrooms, as black truffles are also called. Truffles, by the way, are the most expensive food on the planet.

Hunting mushrooms has a long tradition in the Bregenz Forest and the insider knowledge of the best places is only passed down from generation to generation and never revealed to outsiders.

Mushrooms are healthy

They are also called the meat of the forest and served as an important supplement to the low-protein vegetarian diet of the impoverished population. Mushrooms also served as a replacement for animal meat. They are rich in protein and have a large amount of carbohydrates and minerals, including potassium, phosphorus, iron and niacin. In addition, they contain vitamin D and vitamin B12. Mushrooms have a composition that is approximately three quarters water and contain a large amount of fermentation-promoting enzymes but almost no fat, making them an ideal diet for weight loss. Most edible mushrooms also provide alkaline and regulate the acid-alkaline balance.

Gourmet half board at Bregenz Forest


Whether grilled, roasted or in risotto: mushrooms complement any menu and provide great taste in many varieties. In September, you will find porcini, chanterelles, charcoal burners and horns of plenty from the region in many dishes

  • Lukewarm forest mushroom salad
  • Lime crème fraîche and Berglamm ham porcini essence in its own ravioli
  • Roasted zander served on chanterelles with tomato tortelloni and spinach
  • Confit veal shank with porcini, braised vegetables and thyme jus

Don’t miss out on mushroom indulgence in the Bregenz Forest and visit Hotel Post in Bezau during the mushroom month of September – to go mushroom hunting yourself or to enjoy delicious mushroom dishes at the half board menu at Hotel Post.