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Natural facelifting method at Susanne Kaufmann Spa

Natural anti aging with acupuncture

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Natural face-lifting with facial rejuvenation

The desire to remain young and beautiful is as old as humanity itself. With the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the natural anti aging concept of Hotel Post Bezau, you can come a step closer to fulfilling this desire. With “facial rejuvenation”, Virginia Doran has developed a holistic acupuncture for rejuvenating the face.

Virginia Doran

Virginia Doran is a recognised expert in the field of anti-wrinkle acupuncture. She has taught as an instructor and teacher in the field of holistic health on the topics of massage therapy, acupuncture, aroma therapy, nutrition, flower essences, Chinese and western herbs and supplements since 1980. She has practice and taught the methods of facial rejuvenation worldwide since 1995.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture 1st to 8th November

The goal of anti aging acupuncture is to delay the aging process of the skin, promote the general well-being and to achieve a glowing appearance. Through the method of facial rejuvenation, the circulation of qi and blood as well as the production of collagen significantly increase and the lymphatic flow is stimulated. The muscle tone, skin tone, skin moisture and skin texture improve and the pore size is regulated. In this manner, a natural rejuvenation of the face can be achieved without botox or foreign substances.

Anti Aging Acupuncture

Anti aging and TCM

The Chinese have approach health holistically for millennia. The body and spirit stand in harmony with one another and self-healing powers are activated. The entire appearance is rejuvenated.

The program including a medical TCM diagnosis and a classic skin diagnosis that will be conducted personally by Dr. Brigitte Klett or Dr. Joachim Lohmann. Following this, they will develop a nutritional, exercise and treatment program individually tailored to the patient’s constitution and condition.

Strengthen your organism at Hotel Post

With this energetic treatment approach based upon the rules of Chinese medicine, a palpable physical and lasting strengthen of the entire organism is achieved that is also clearly visible in the skin, the mirror of the soul.

Test out this natural anti aging concept developed by Virginia Doran in the 4-star superior Hotel Post in Bezau and send us your non-binding booking inquiry. The team in Bezau is available for further information at any time via the telephone number +43 (0) 55 14 22 07 or you can write a short email to