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Sport & Outdoor Activities in Vorarlberg

Active outdoors at Hotel Post Bezau in Vorarlberg

Feel better, look better, live better

Sports are essential for health. In the 4-star superior Hotel Post in Bezau, the goal is to make your stay in Vorarlberg as active, healthy and sustainable as possible to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind. Take your new feeling of life home with you.

Active health care

Our living and working habits have changed strongly in the past 50 years. There is less physical labour but an increasing amount of mental stress. We are reachable 24 hours a day and must maintain concentration, at the same time, we neglect our natural urge for movement. Some compensate for their stress with sports, often in an unbalanced manner. We lose our balance - physical as well as psychic. The world is changing at an unbelievable speed and what was true yesterday has already been replaced today, our notions of health, self-responsibility and age have already been affected by this. Today, we associate holidays not only with relaxation, but also with active health care.

Active programme

The active programme at Hotel Post Bezau offers a free daily programme of courses, diverse indoor and outdoor options, and a tennis academy and much more.

Indoor active programme at Hotel Post in Bezau

The indoor programme at Hotel Post in Bezau invites you to partake in daily free health programmes, from muscle-strengthening cardio training, pilates to relaxing yoga. Perhaps you would prefer to swim laps in the swimming pool, play tennis on our tennis court or work with a coach from the European Tennis Academy? Do what appeals to you most – send us your no-obligation booking enquiry now for an unforgettable active holiday in the Bregenz Forest.

Yoga & Qigong in wellness hotel in Bregenz Forest, Austria

Discover the active programme at Hotel Post with daily free courses or demanding individual training sessions during rain, snow or sunshine.

  • Fitness coaching
  • Functional training
  • HIIT (High Intensive Intervall Training)
  • TRX training
  • Whole body training on the bodybuilding equipment

Mental fitness

Fitness plays a very large role in our society, as well as mental fitness. The correct ratio between movement and relaxation is the key to inner balance. For active relaxation, movement and relaxation programmes are offered every day with professional instruction.

  • Yoga
  • Qigong / Shaolin qigong
Mountainbiking at 4 star superior Hotel Post in Bezau

Summer outdoor programme in the Bregenz Forest

Hotel Post in Bezau is located in the one of the largest and most beautiful hiking and mountain bike regions in the Austrian Alps, between Lake Constance and Arlberg. The area impresses with numerous crystal clear mountain lakes and streams.

The active summer programme at Hotel Post in Bezau offers:

Ski holidays at the 4 star hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

Winter outdoor progamme in the Bregenz Forest

In the winter, Vorarlberg is the centre of the Alps. The ideal conditions for the perfect winter in Austria await winter athletes here. Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenz Forest is the ideal starting point for activities in the surrounding mountains and winter sporting activities of all kinds.

The active winter programme at Hotel Post in Bezau offers:

Holistic approach

To make sure that your active programme is perfect, the Susanne Kaufmann spa offers you special treatments for a relaxing balance.

These range from alkaline treatments that not only relax the musculature but also accelerate the detoxification process of the body to Thalodal sports massage. Your nutrition can also be coordinated completely with your training schedule or desired weight: from food low in carbs during a weight reduction to a diet rich in protein to build muscle. The drink buffet in Hotel Post ensures sufficient fluids and the alkaline tea is especially recommended.

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