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More space for Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

More space for Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

Producer Ingo Metzler expands production area for cosmetics

Ingo Metzler has been a production partner and companion of Susanne Kaufmann organic treats from the very beginning.  In the town of Egg, not even 15 minutes from Bezau, over 90 products are made in his manufactory. The premises are now undergoing expansion to meet rising demand. To this end, Ingo Metzler is investing three million euro and creating almost 2,000 square metres of additional production space.

Growth and modernisation

“Demand is constantly growing and EU requirements for the production of cosmetics are becoming increasingly complex,” explains Ingo Metzler. That’s why the existing production building is being extended. There will be more space not only for the production of natural cosmetics. A number of areas for research and development, storage and logistics as well as quality assurance for meeting the EU Cosmetics Regulation have also been included in the plans. What’s more, the entire production process can be experienced by interested visitors.

Latest technology for the careful production of cosmetics

The latest technologies guarantee a certified procedure for production using the cold process to ensure that all vital ingredients and antioxidants retain their maximum effectiveness. All of the active ingredients are extracted and processed using gentle processes.

The cold processing method is becoming increasingly important for being able to refer to sustainable processes that protect the environment. The processes were developed in order to achieve an optimised particle size and thus a homogeneous distribution of the ingredients on the skin and for introducing them into the skin. At the same time, the result of this incorporating technology also offers extra protection for the sensitive ingredients.

Ingo Metzler

Ingo Metzler is a pioneer in matters of whey-based cosmetics. Over twenty years ago, he considered how whey - the by-product of cheese production - could be used. The caring effect of whey finally led him to cosmetics and many other ideas. On his farm in Egg, Ingo Metzler continues to make over 20 different kinds of cheese. His multiple award-winning farm can also be visited - highlights include the cow pen, the goat madhouse and the small animal petting zone.