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November Holiday in Bregenz Forest

November at Hotel Post

Culture and wellness in the Bregenz Forest

In November we can already feel the approach of winter. The final days of autumn can still be spent outdoors, while the first days of winter are ideal for a short wellness holiday or a few healthy days. The first cold days can also be perfectly combined with visits to the numerous museums in the Bregenz Forest.

Spa & Detox

Autumn wellness is the theme in the spa of Hotel Post in Bezau. Natural anti-aging for wonderfully smooth skin, alkaline treatments which help during detoxification, or deeply penetrating ultrasound. You can find precisely the right treatment for your skin in the spa of Hotel Post in Bezau.

Activity & Nature

Detoxification, clearing your head, reducing stress, losing weight and becoming healthy - these are the goals of the hiking and fasting week at Hotel Post Bezau, which is based on the ideas of Dr. Buchinger. Finding back to one’s self in close harmony with nature and getting to know one’s own body in a new way.


Werkraumhaus, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Heimatmuseum Schwarzenberg, the Lingenau Cheese Cellar, diverse architecture, the arts and culture events in the Bregenz Forest - to see all of this is virtually impossible on one weekend, but you can make a start in November.

Begin by making a no-obligation enquiry at the 4 star superior Hotel Post in Bezau, and then decide how you want to spend your November in Vorarlberg.