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Pilates retreat with Patricia Lipburger-Rehm

Pilates retreat with Patricia Lipburger-Rehm

Pilates combines physical and mental training

Pilates is a physical and mental exercise which aims to develop the whole body. It consists of controlled extension and strengthening exercises combined with a unique breathing technique and it aims to find a balance between body and mind. The exercise will help you to gain strength and flexibility and also to reduce stress.

The sophisticated mixture of body control, chest breathing, tension and relaxation develops muscles without gaining weight. The exercises predominantly target the central muscle groups and require complete concentration. Particular attention is given to the body’s power house – the core. The focus is on improving core strength, harmonising movements and developing a differentiated awareness of the body.

Pilates retreats in Bezau

  • 29th May to 3rd June 2018
  • 2nd to 7th December 2018

Pilates retreat week

In the pilates retreat week, the intensity of the training increases each day. You can then continue the exercises at home. The course is suitable both for beginners and those experienced in pilates. Based on the classic matwork class, new concepts with equipment such as dumbbells, therabands or redondo balls are continually introduced.

Breathing and technique training in the “morning sessions” provides a good start to the day and functional training is integrated into the exercises of the challenging afternoon workouts. Also, a lot of time is spent on the fasciae (connective tissue that covers our muscles). The pilates foam roller is integrated into each session to loosen any knots, tighten connective tissue, relieve back problems and stimulate metabolism.

Patricia Lipburger-Rehm

The retreat is run by the licensed pilates coach Patricia Lipburger-Rehm. Originating from the Bregenzerwald area, Patricia has been working with this training method for 20 years. She has studied fitness and health management and teaches in her classes how easy it can be to develop a suitable, healthy and above all satisfying lifestyle.

Send us a no-obligation holiday enquiry for your pilates retreat at the Hotel & Spa Post in Bezau in Bregenzerwald.