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Pilates classes at Hotel Post Bezau in Bregenzerwald

Pilates in a hotel in Bregenzerwald

Das Pilates Training im Hotel Post in Bezau

The Pilates training at Hotel Post in Bezau is a holistic, effective training system for strengthening the deep musculature of the body

Named for its inventor, Joseph Pilates, this whole body training programme especially strengthens the musculature of the stomach, back, pelvis and legs through targeted exercises. The training of the deep musculature strengthens the body and increases flexibility without forming large muscle masses. The conscious awareness of the body is the most important foundation for feeling a positive change. The foundation of all Pilates exercises is the training of the so-called “powerhouse”, meaning the musculature surrounding the spine in the centre of the body. Precise exercises to activate the musculature in the back, trunk and pelvic floor create a balance of strength and flexibility, tension and relaxation. In this manner, Pilates improves the posture, flexibility and coordination.

Pilates retreats schedule

  • 29th May to 3rd June 2018
  • 2nd to 7th December 2018

The most important principles in Pilates


This concerns moving from a stable centre. The centre is focussed and strengthened. The awareness and training of the centre provides symmetry in the body. Research shows that this also has positive effects on the mental balance.


The goal is to control every movement and note every detail in the positioning and in the sequence of movement. Through this absolute attention to the here and now, the person conducting the training truly master’s their body.

Flow of movement

Flowing movements can only be achieved through a balanced mixture of strength and flexibility. Continuity in the implementation plays an important role. The movements become smoother and more graceful with every passing hour.


The breath cleanses the body and calms the spirit. It is important to deepen one’s understanding of the significance of respiration. Exhalation supports the activity of the “powerhouse” and all other muscles and helps to intensify the movements.


Precision requires concentration and control. Precise work requires the undivided attention of the person conducting the training and the will to consciously be aware of one’s movements.

Joseph Pilates

In the 1920s, the artist and athlete Joseph Pilates developed at fitness programme in New York that combined Asian martial arts with elements of yoga and western gymnastics for the first time. He constructed special devices for the exercises out of wood, leather and steel springs attached to pulleys. Dancers and actors who had encountered problems with their joints and intervertebral discs as a function of their profession visited his studio. His techniques were integrated within their dance training and Pilates enjoyed the status of a “fitness guru” during his time. The Pilates method was also deeply improved through its encounter with the training techniques of the dancers.

Pilates courses at Hotel Post in Bezau in Vorarlberg

The Pilates training with Pilates master Patricia Lipburger-Rehm is part of the free, weekly active programme. You can also speak directly with us to book an individual training sessions for especially intense training.

We offer the following forms of Pilates

  • Gentle pilates: for more flexibility and a smooth silhouette
  • Fascia pilates with form roller: for firmer connective tissue, strong muscles and a defined body
  • Pilates basic: combined with anti aging exercises that stimulate the metabolism and let the energy flow
  • Power pilates: challenging mat training combined with weights and Theraband

Feel the effects of the Pilates exercises in strengthening your body and spend a relaxing recovery holiday at Hotel Post Bezau in Vorarlberg. The hotel team is happy to answer your non-binding inquiries.