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Post Premium Board in Bezau

Post Premium Board in the Bregenz Forest

Gourmet Austrian cuisine in Bezau, Vorarlberg

Enjoyment at Hotel Post Bezau

Stefan Jazbec’s award-winning kitchen team spoils you from morning until night in Hotel Post Bezau. The premium services (included in the room price) at the 4 star superior Hotel Post includes breakfast, an afternoon snack with home-made cake and different soups, and hot meals every day as well a four-course dinner with a salad buffet and cheese from the board.

Hotel Restaurant with Premium Board in the Bregenz Forest.

Stefan Jazbec and his award-winning kitchen team at Hotel Post Bezau compose inspiring culinary creations from hand-picked ingredients. Jazbec uses selected regional specialities from Bregenz Forest producers - not just for the Gourmet Restaurant Irma, but with the same loving care also for breakfast, for dinner for guests with half board, and for the afternoon snack. And those things which have to come from far away are bought in with care and with an emphasis on sustainability. Your well-being is important to us, which is why we offer vegetarian variations and take special wishes into account. We also take allergies and food intolerances into account.

Gourmet restaurant at Hotel Post in Vorarlberg, Austria

Hotel Restaurant in the Bregenz Forest with Premium Board Detox Cuisine

Would you like to use your stay at Hotel Post Bezau for a detox programme and liberate your body from damaging and unwanted ballast? In that case, our Detox Cuisine is exactly the right thing for you.

This balanced diet, based on the dietary principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, provides natural foods rich in active substances to support the body’s own detoxification processes. For the TCM Detox Cuisine we charge an extra 20 EUR per person and day.


Holidays at Bregenz Forest

Enjoyment all day long: Hotel and Restaurant Post Bezau

If you use the bathhouse, a buffet with fresh fruit, selected herbal teas from Susanne Kaufmann, organic treats and invigorating spring water awaits you daily from 7.00-21.00.

Holiday at Hotel Post with its gourmet restaurant in the Bregenz Forest

You can spend hours which are pleasurable in many ways in the 4 star superior Hotel Post as well as in the Irma Gourmet Restaurant in the Bregenz Forest. The hotel team is looking forward to receiving your no-obligation enquiry or your online booking.