Beard Statement

04. January 2016

The facial care Line M by Susanne Kaufmann is presenting a new beard care product. To our ancestors, the beard served as the special ornament of a man, as an expression of his strength. In the 19th century, intellectuals wore beards as a sign of their socially critical and revolutionary disposition. Today there are numerous theories as to why the beard is “in” again. Maybe it is as simple as the fact that a lovely, well cared for beard can be a great piece of decoration for a man. Susanne Kaufmann organic treats has expanded its men’s care line with a beard oil for the care of beards. The beard oil palpably provides care for the skin and hair, gives the beard a silky shine, helps to minimise problems such as itchiness, dry and sensitive skin and gives the beard a wonderful scent. The Beard Oil Line M 30ml is available effective immediately in the web shop for 37 EUR ( as well as from the familiar Susanne Kaufmann sales offices.

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