Healthy Living in the Hotel Post

25. January 2012

Deep relaxation and active regeneration with Susanne Kaufmann

Health means living in harmony. This statement has Susanne Kaufmann of the Hotel Post In Bezau taken to heart and dedicated her new holistic approach to health. The Health concept combines traditional Chinese medicine, traditional healing methods, and active Regeneration and provides the possibility to improve life on a sustainable basis. The concept is built on the pillars of diagnosis and therapy, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Individually Special emphasis will be offered on stress reduction, healthy sleep, burn rehabilitation, pain relief, weight management and Natural Anti Aging. Healthy living in the hotel Post is an enjoyable way of combining the joy with the useful and create new mentally space. The guest has the possibility to put together individual modules according to his needs in the context of a healthy life. From intensive program to slight variation during a family vacation, anything is possible.

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