Susanne Kaufmann Active Agent Concentrate Couperose

03. July 2012

Couperose: what actually helps?

Treating couperose with the Active Agent Concentrate couperose from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats.

They are fine blue-red capillaries that shine through the skin. They are usually most prominent on the cheeks and around the nose. They are called couperose. The cause? Disposition (a weakness in the connective tissue), the sun, strong temperature fluctuations, high blood pressure as well as alcohol and nicotine. What is known is that couperose is an inflammatory skin disorder whose cause has not been sufficiently clarified but, unfortunately, frequently occurs (even more frequently than neurodermatitis). The Active Agent Concentrate couperose from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats contains an intensive active complex with extracts of horse chestnut and brown algae. Apply to affected areas of the skin in the mornings and evenings before the application of the normal care products. After four weeks of regular use, the condition of skin with couperose improves verifiably as has been confirmed in dermatological tests.

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