Susanne Kaufmann Advent calendar

02. September 2016

Small gifts, big gifts

“To give” theoretically contradicts the common commercial sense, still economically speaking it is a good deal because you receive a precious value in return: love, happiness and gratitude. The Advent calendar features a special love for detail and proves that there are still genuine, authentic and good things in the world. Susanne Kaufmann has put all of this together into a package and packed it with love.  A surprise waits behind every door and a product of the establishment waits in every package.

This calendar offers you the chance to delight someone close to you or even yourself 24 times. The Advent calendar is available from the 19th of September 2016 for 130 EUR in the Webshop ( as well as at the familiar Susanne Kaufmann sales offices.

Please find further information in the press release below.

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