Susanne Kaufmann Handlotion

11. August 2015

Gentle nourishment with the hand lotion from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

No matter what the season, our hands always need a lot of care and attention. Hands tell stories: about our age, our activities, our life. We use them to touch things, to gesticulate, to communicate. We give people our hands in greeting, and show affection through gentle touches or embraces. That’s a lot of good reasons for giving our hands a regular pampering. The care line from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats offers a wide selection of products for beautiful, silky-soft hands.

The moisturising hand lotion is already a classic, and flies off the shelves in the practical
30 ml pack. The hand lotion is now also available for the home in a 250 ml dispenser. It can be purchased now for 92 Euro from the web shop ( as well as from the usual Susanne Kaufmann sales outlets.

Please find further information in the press release below.

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