Susanne Kaufmann nail oil nourishing

21. November 2014

Shine and care for your nails

We use them nearly 15 hours a day, work with them, use them as tools in our free time, sometimes they sweat and sometimes they freeze. We paint them and sometimes extend them, and for all of us they constitute one of the first impressions in our appearance - our hands and fingernails.

The new nail oil nourishing from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats strengthens severely stressed nails and supports the basis for healthy and attractive nails. The combination of essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts supports the nail structure and nourishes the sensitive, cracked skin of the cuticle that is prone to inflammation. The strengthened nail substance grows healthily afterward. The nail oil nourishing 10 ml is available in the web shop for 21 EUR ( as well as from the familiar Susanne Kaufmann sales offices.

Please find further information in the press release below.

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