Uncompromisingly beautiful with Natural Anti-Aging

30. April 2011

The holistic approach of Susanne Kaufmann offers a consistently natural and highly effective alternative to conventional Anti-Aging procedures.

Natural Anti-Aging offers the issue of sustainability in cosmetics, a new dimension. There is an alternative for those who want to preserve the age without any chemical or surgical procedures using organic methods, a vital and well-groomed appearance. The Natural Anti-Aging procedure was developed by Susan Kaufmann, an expert on high-efficient natural cosmetics. The focus of this Anti-Aging therapy of the latest generation is not symptoms but causes. The passionate ambassador for natural healing is firmly focused on sustainable natural regeneration: Care and lifestyles are united by a medically sound combination of highly concentrated plant cosmetic acupuncture and applications of traditional Chinese medicine to a holistic therapy that affects the physical and mental well-being lasting positive results. To meet these requirements Susanne Kaufmann developed an effective facial cosmetic line as daily care for mature skin, which is based on organic active ingredient complexes such as pure bioflavonoid, ectoine, the flower extract of white lupine and meadow foam seed oil. Combined, this highly concentrated basic care, with regular one-week Anti-Aging treatments. Here, the entire body is strengthened and stimulated through acupuncture, massage, exercise and diet according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine individually. The Natural Anti-Aging Treatment is carried out exclusively in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa at the Hotel Post Bezau in Bregenzerwald.

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