Werkraum in Andelsbuch

05. February 2014

A house for handicrafts in the Bregenz Forest

In Andelsbuch, just a few minutes from Bezau by car, a house dedicated to Bregenz Forest crafts and skilled trades has been built. It was initiated by Werkraum Bregenz Forest (, a cooperation programme established by local skilled trades businesses. The architect is Peter Zumthor who has been an admirer of the Bregenz Forest and its skilled trades businesses since the construction of the Kunsthaus Bregenz, and probably even before that. The Werkraum House serves both as a show room and a meeting place. It will feature a number of exhibitions worth seeing this year as well. Hotel Post is closely connected to architecture and crafts. Hotel owner Susanne Kaufmann’s father and brother are architects and Hotel Post was exclusively built and constructed by craftspersons from the Bregenz Forest.

Please find further information in the press release below.


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