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World-famous Schubert festival in the Bregenz Forest

Music festival Schubertiade in Schwarzenberg

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The most important Schubert festival in the world

25th August to 3rd September 2017

The Schubertiade in Schwarzenberg is known as the most important Schubert festival in the world With the music of Schubert and his contemporaries, the rural atmosphere in the beautiful village of Schwarzenberg harmonises with the atmospheric meadow. The programme consists of nearly 50 events.

You will find chamber concerts, song recitals, piano concerts, reading and master classes at the Schubertiade. Year after year, outstanding artists and ensembles are guests in the Angelika-Kaufmann concert hall with its view of the meadows and mountains. Dedicated Schubertiade buses travel to the concerts in Schwarzenberg from many locations.

The composer Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert was an Austrian composer born in 1797 in Vienna who died a very early death in 1828. Despite his short life, Schubert achieved something extraordinary in all genres of his time and is seen by music scholars today as the founder of romantic music in the German-speaking world, alongside Beethoven. After described in literature as a known genius, his works still resound in Vorarlberg and especially in Schwarzenberg up to the present day with the music festival Schubertiade.

Culinary delights in the Bregenz Forest

The works of Franz Schubert

Despite his brief period of creativity, Franz Schubert was one of the most productive composers of the last centuries. He wrote some 600 songs, including the scores to famous masterworks, such as Schiller’s “Ode to joy”, “Night song in the forest” and Goethe’s “Song of the spirits over the water”. Schubert wrote operas, symphonies and masses. All in all, a truly impressive life’s work.


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