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September is skin care month at the Susanne Kaufmann spa

September is skin care month at the Susanne Kaufmann spa

Skin care Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

Special treatments for the skin after a holiday

The skin is actually in special need of treatment after a holiday. For this reason, the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Hotel Post Bezau is especially dedicated to the care of stressed skin after a holiday in September. So-called “light callosity” often forms after a holiday. The horny layer of the skin has thickened as a result of the UV radiation and the moisture reservoirs have been emptied by the sun, wind and water.

Water for the skin

Following a holiday, especially rich care and treatments are recommended for the skin with the goal of refilling the moisture reservoirs. Products with hyaluronic acid as moisture reservoirs and substances to capture free radicals such as vitamins for protection of the cells and regeneration are especially important at this time.

Treatments with gentle peelings help to remove dry, flaky skin without losing a tan. Facial massages with moisturising and cell-building natural active ingredients provide sustainable care for the skin. Don’t forget: the face, décolletage, elbows and sometimes also the scalp require special care. 

Susanne Kaufmann Spa at Hotel Post Bezau

A holiday feeling at home

Our therapists recommend the following to give you a holiday feeling in your own bathroom:

  • Take time and gently pat the Susanne Kaufmann active ingredient concentrate into the skin.
  • The eye care is even more effective is it is massaged from the outer edge inwards with patting fingers. This removes any excess water.
  • The area around the eyes can be additionally relaxed by using a simple massage technique: stroke below the eye with the middle finger from the outside inwards and apply a small pressure point at the bridge of the nose. Then stroke upwards from the bridge of the nose over the eyes to the temples and apply an additional pressure point there.
  • Relaxing the forehead. Spread the hyaluronic serum from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats across the forehead, apply some pressure to the temples and the forehead is relaxed.
  • Massage the moisturiser into the cheeks with small rotating movements, starting the at the height of the tip of the nose and working up into the temples.
  • In order to stimulate the circulation of the entire face, spread the moisturiser with the entire palm of the hand on the outer edge of the face in the direction of the ears.
  • Ideally relax the throat with the nutrient concentrate from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats. Gently spread the serum from the chin in the direction of the décolletage.

You will receive many additional tips as well as effective care products from the Susanne Kaufmann cosmetics line at Hotel Post in Bezau. Indulge your holiday skin with a pampering programme at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa in the Bregenz Forest in Vorarlberg and make a no-obligation enquiry now.