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Alkaline treatments - Susanne Kaufmann Spa

Alkaline treatments

Susanne Kaufmann Spa and treatments in Vorarlberg

Alkaline applications in the Susanne Kaufmann spa and detox hotel

A good acid-alkaline balance is the prerequisite for the wellbeing of the body and beautiful skin. Today's lifestyle often leads to an excess acidity. Alkaline body care neutralises acids and helps the skin to naturally excrete toxic substances.


The Deacidifying Alkaline Salt from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats is a holistic boon for the body and a true all-rounder. It helps the skin to deacidify and promotes the excretion of waste and toxins and releases blocked energy, bring the skin and body into balance.

Alkaline treatments

The alkaline salt can be used in a variety of ways: As a full bath to steady the acid-alkaline balance after intense athletic performance, to reduce stress, for skin function problems and for general regeneration.

As an alkaline foot bath, as the excretion of toxins takes place particularly intensely via the skin of the feet and legs. Or as a body peeling coordinated to the pH value of the skin.

Your alkaline treatment in Vorarlberg

You will find a variety of applications for the face and body at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa. They are especially recommended for hypersensitive skin and neurodermitis.


You should definitely reserve the date for your alkaline treatment before your arrival. This will ensure that all treatments can be experienced at the desired time.  Send a non-binding enquiry or simply request your date during your online booking.