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Spa beauty and holistic health in the Bregenz Forest

Beauty secrets from the Bregenz Forest

Body treatments at the spa hotel in Vorarlberg

Care for your skin and body in the spa of Hotel Post in Bezau

Especially in winter, the skin needs intensive care to cope with the cold. With the beauty rituals and products of Susanne Kaufmann organic treats, you’ll get through the winter well and achieve a higher degree of relaxation at the same time.

An important pillar of the holistic health concept of Susanne Kaufmann is strengthening the immune system. At Hotel Post Bezau, you will active your life energy, strengthen your defenses and spend healthy days in the winter during your holiday.

The spa at Hotel Post Bezau

The focus is on holistic well-being: intense, holistic treatment methods, custom-made, multiple-day health and wellness programmes, first-class cosmetics products and calming, relaxing beauty treatments give you new energy that you can take home with you from the Bregenz Forest.

Holistic skincare at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa in Austria

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats are natural, effective and especially compatible. Today, this holistic care line comprises more than 60 functional products for facial and body care. A vast store of experience, collected during the many years of practical work, goes into each product.

Susanne Kaufmann products are made from precious ingredients and contain valuable natural essences, oils and single substances. The percentage of active plant ingredients is especially high.

The highest quality

All ingredients are specifically selected for their desired effect and serve specific functions. Susanne Kaufmann uses combinations of plant ingredients that mutually complement and strengthen each other to achieve this. The highest quality of ingredients, careful processing and years of experience with plant ingredients result in especially good compatibility.

Saunas for relaxation, rejuvenation and inner peace

The bathhouse of the hotel is more attractive than ever during the cold season. Four different saunas and steam baths at Hotel Post Bezau will make you sweat. These are found in our puristic bathhouse - with a panorama view, it’s own garden and a lot of extras.

Warming yourself up after a day in the snow or letting yourself drift in warm water is just the beginning: what about a salt or alkaline peeling or a relaxing massage? With a no-obligation booking enquiry, you’ll come a decisive step closer to a stay in the relaxing world of Susanne Kaufmann in Hotel Post in Bezau.