Facial treatments

Facial treatment at the spa hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

Wellness in Vorarlberg with the highly effective beauty treatments of Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

The Susanne Kaufmann spa in Vorarlberg is a place of beauty, relaxation and holistic comfort. Skin competence and various highly effective treatment techniques are combined here into an innovative spa concept. These especially include effects-oriented applications for radiant, beautiful skin.

Care and treatments for women

Natural beauty and relaxation are the goals of the beauty treatments at the Susanne Kaufmann spa. Also: Making the routine of the everyday, wrinkles and stress disappear in a gentle way.

In bright, beneficial, clear rooms, the team of experienced therapists offer the facial treatments developed by Susanne Kaufmann. The offer comprises alkaline applications, treatments for different kinds of skin problems, for expectant mothers, teens and individual treatments that are specifically tailored to your needs.

We offer deep-working ultrasound to intensify selected facial treatments at Hotel Post in Bezau.

Relaxation and wellbeing at spa hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

Susanne Kaufmann has developed deeply effective and highly concentrated skincare products for use in your spa together with renowned dermatologists and pharmacists. A vast store of experience, collected during the many years of practical work, goes into the practical applications at the Susanne Kaufmann spa.

The daily routine with the sensitive organ of the skin marks the high demands that are placed on the quality of the products. The products of the individual lines are perfectly tailored to the needs of the skin and lead to visible results within a very short time, such as

  • The improved moisture of the skin
  • Radiant, healthy skin, even in the event of skin problems such as acne, neurodermitis and allergies
  • Refinement of the appearance of the skin
  • Improvement of the elasticity
  • Reduction of the depth of wrinkles
  • Repair of damage to the skin


You should definitely reserve the date for your beauty treatments before your arrival. This will ensure that all treatments can be experienced at the desired time. Request your date during your online booking.

By the way: Many beneficial beauty applications are already included in the beauty and wellness packages. Take a look; it’s worth it!