Susanne Kaufmann Spa for HIM

Spa and wellness holidays in Austria at Spa Hotel Post

Care and treatments for men

The Susanne Kaufmann spa in Hotel Post Bezau also offers a wide selection of special treatments for men in its puristic-clear ambience. These include beneficial body treatments, massages and bathing rituals as well as facial treatments specially developed for men’s skin.

Beauty treatments for men

Men’s skin needs special nourishment and protection. As a result, we have developed special care products specifically suited to these needs - Line M. They make daily skin care quick, simple and efficient. The effective treatments address the very specific problems of men's skin.

Natural anti aging for men

A special focus is the purely natural anti aging - a combination of highly effective cosmetic compounds and deep-working ultrasound. Results can be seen clearly after the first application, without any interventions and chemical procedures.

Spa treatments with Susanne Kaufmann cosmetics in Bezau

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

Susanne Kaufmann has developed deeply effective and highly concentrated skincare products for use in your spa together with renowned dermatologists and pharmacists. A vast store of experience, collected during the many years of practical work, goes into the practical applications at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa. The daily routine with the sensitive organ of the skin marks the high demands that are placed on the quality of the products.

Your treatment at the Susanne Kaufmann spa

You should definitely reserve the date for your beauty treatments before your arrival. This will ensure that all treatments can be experienced at the desired time. Request your date during your online booking.


By the way: Many beneficial beauty applications are already included in the spa and wellness packages. Take a look; it’s worth it!