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Spring wellness at Hotel Post Bezau

Spring wellness

Susanne Kaufmann Beauty Treatments

A shot of freshness for body and mind

Finally - the end of winter is in sight! That’s a beneficial fact not only for our well-being and senses but also for the skin, the mirror of our soul. Cold and dry heating air have stressed our natural skin barrier to the limit. To recover from this, the skin needs lots of moisture, lots of care.

Healthy skin is considered to be a symbol of beauty and attractiveness, because our largest organ reflects a person’s lifestyle and age. For this reason, the Susanne Kaufmann spa at Hotel Post Bezau is especially dedicated to caring for stressed skin in the spring, following a long winter.

The best beauty treatments in the spring

Our experts at the Susanne Kaufmann spa now recommend cleansing the skin thoroughly with a gentle peeling. This reactivates the circulation and normal skin functions. A facial with ultrasound not only deals with immediate deficiencies but is also the best way there is to ensure your skin remains healthy, cared for and youthful. The use of serums, which are adapted to your skins needs and penetrate deep into the skin through the gentle waves of the ultrasound, makes this treatment the perfect spring booster.

Body Peeling in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa

Revitalising treatments for the body

Spring is the right time for a body peeling. Dry skin has caused the formation of rough patches on the arms and thighs, which can easily removed with a peeling. A body peeling stimulates the growth of new cells and makes the skin taut and rosy. Next, a pack in the soft pack lounger pampers the skin with lots of moisture and care. However, our skin isn’t the only thing that needs special attention - so does our soul. For this, we recommend a Lomi Lomi massage. This ancient form of massage is perfect not only for relaxation but also for physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. It is intended to remove blockages on a physical and spiritual level and restore the harmony of body, mind and soul.

A brief break to ward off spring fatigue

People have so many good intentions in winter. The spring is finally about getting back out into the fresh air, doing sports or eating more healthily. But something usually gets in the way when it comes to starting spring with verve. One of the main factors that complicates matters is spring fatigue. The cause of this lies in the hormone balance: in winter, the body produces high levels of the hormone melatonin. The increased levels of sun and light in spring stimulate the production of the hormone serotonin. Until the body has found its balance, it responds with fluctuating moods, lethargy and listlessness. The best trick for counteracting spring fatigue is exercising in the fresh air. That gets the body moving properly again and switches it from winter to summer mode.

Take a short break at Hotel Post in Bezau to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the clear air and the soothing peace of the Bregenz Forest. Send us your non-binding spa inquiry today.