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Tennis in the summer is fun and keeps you fit

Tennis in the summer is fun and keeps you fit

Spa and tennis hotel in the Bregenz Forest

Tennis has always played a large role in the active programme at Hotel Post Bezau. The fresh mountain air of the Bregenz Forest also invites you to play a tennis match in the summer or indulge in countless other athletic alternatives.

The architecture of the tennis hall at Hotel Post Bezau is one of the most lovely in Austria and when playing on the outdoor sand courts, you are surrounded by the overwhelming nature of Vorarlberg. At the European Tennis Academy (ETA), you receive training based on the latest discoveries of sports science.  Appropriately, the therapists of the award-winning Susanne Kaufmann spa are specialised in sport treatments and help your muscles to find new strength after a tennis match.

Tennis is healthy

Whoever plays tennis receives exercise and puts the circulatory system though its paces. As a player, you simultaneously train your reaction abilities, coordination and strength. Running uses the leg muscles and hitting trains the arms.

Tennis is mental

The newest knowledge from sports psychology shows that tennis is also a very mental sport. The trainers of the European Tennis Academy will support you in winning your “head match” without losing sight of the physical aspects.

Relaxing at Hotel Post Bezau

Tennis is comfort

Relax your muscles in the sauna after a sporty match or try out the outdoor brine pools. You are certain to find your personal comfort place in bath house of Hotel Post. The team of therapists of the Susanne Kaufmann spa offer a wide selection of therapies and treatments. Many of them are specially oriented to the needs of bodies subjected to the demands of sports.

Tennis is indulgence

The kitchen at Hotel Post gives the agony of choice and lets you make your choices according to your personal needs. The award-winning kitchen team composes culinary delicacies from hand-picked ingredients. Do you want to combine your tennis holiday with a detox regimen? While staying at Hotel Post, you can discover the beneficial effect of targeted nutrition. You do not have to refrain from indulgence as everything will be prepared individually for you according to the recommendations of the TCM doctors and therapists by our kitchen team personally tailored to you.

Look forward to a tennis holiday in the Bregenz Forest full of additional sporty and landscape highlights. Summer can come to Hotel Post Bezau with a no-obligation enquiry.