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Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats made in Austria

The innovative cosmetics line Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats are natural, effective and especially compatible. A vast store of experience, collected during the many years of practical work, goes into each product.

Natural cosmetics from Austria

Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenz Forest and was fascinated early on by the idea of using the intensive effect of the Alpine plant world in a modern manner for beauty, health and comfort.

Together with a team of pharmacologists and dermatologists, Susanne Kaufmann developed consistently effects-oriented products from precious natural ingredient for the natural cosmetics line Susanne Kaufmann organic treats.

The quality of Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

  • Precious ingredients. Susanne Kaufmann products are made from precious natural essences, oils and single substances. The percentage of active plant ingredients is especially high.
  • Specific functions. All ingredient have been specifically selected for their effect. We use combinations of plant ingredients that mutually complement and strengthen each other to achieve this. These plant compound provide a strong effect that you can feel immediately.
  • Uncompromising compatibility: The highest quality of ingredients, careful processing and years of experience with plant ingredients result in especially good compatibility. All ingredients are dermatologically tested and allergen-free fragrances are used for scenting.
Natural cosmetics at the 4 star Hotel Post in Vorarlberg

Immediate effect

No matter which product from the Susanne Kaufmann organic treats natural cosmetics line you decide upon: you can immediately feel the effect. See the unique quality for yourself and choose from over 60 effective products for facial and body care.

Strict principles are enforced during the manufacturing of Susanne Kaufmann organic treats. The products are produced with the greatest of care in a small operation in the Bregenz Forest and filled, sealed and packaged by hand.

You find detailed information about all of the products at You will find a selection of our products for daily care in the rooms at Hotel Post Bezau. Make your booking today!