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Susanne Kaufmann Hair

Susanne Kaufmann Hair

Susanne Kaufmann hair care

Naturally healthy hair and deeply effective care

Healthy hair is beautiful hair. It radiates vitality, strength, shine and fullness. Just like the skin, the hair can be comprehensively regenerated and renewed from the inside out by selected pure natural ingredients. Holistic care with deeply effective formulas awakens the healthy beauty in all hair.

Susanne Kaufmann has decades of experience in the field of functional natural cosmetics. Now she has developed a luxurious, purely organic care line for the hair and scalp. Susanne Kaufmann™ Hair combines the latest scientific knowledge with the valuable strengths of nature. The products contain carefully selected plant raw materials and highly effective active ingredients that work in combination to supplement and strengthen each other. As with all Susanne Kaufmann products, no synthetic additives, such as silicone and other mineral oil derivatives, are used.

Beautiful hair from the very beginning.

This exclusive line of hair products consists of shampoos, conditioners, an intensive mask and a serum. The goal of the holistic care system is to protect, maintain and restore the health of the hair. The scalp and hair are cleaned and nourished with gentle plant-based substances. The products contain specially developed formulas that work directly at the roots. The effects take place at the roots of the hair, the source of thick and resilient hair, where they are stimulated and strengthened. All products contain precious silk protein that repair the stressed horny layer of skin, moisturise the hair and protect it from damaging environmental influences. Additional plant active ingredients such as fenugreek, mallow, wheat germ oil, biotin, vitamins and minerals give the products perfect efficiency. The result: visibly well-cared-for hair, a healthy scalp, natural volume, easy-to-comb hair, a silky feel and a wonderful shine.

Christoph Tomann hair stylist

Simple and efficient to use.

Susanne Kaufmann™ brings together natural ingredients and the highest levels of quality and efficiency. The salon quality products have been tested and optimised by Christoph Tomann for daily care at home. They are gentle and pleasant-smelling, easy and uncomplicated to use and demonstrate their extensive effects after only a few applications.

The hair stylist

Natural and with a focus on healthy hair: these are the qualities that make up Christoph Tomann. It is the cut and the colour upon which Christoph Tomann focuses his energy, concentrates upon and through which he achieves his wholly unique style: “The reduced, natural beauty of hair.” Together with the team of the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Bezau, Christoph Tomann has developed rituals for washing the hair and massaging the scalp and neck. Treatments that care for and pamper the hair and scalp.

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The products

Shampoo Foamer Volume strengthens and reinforces fine, untreated hair. Silk proteins nourish and provide moisture, fenugreek seeds strengthen the fine hair structure from within. Wheat germ proteins provide a healthy resilience from the root to the tip. The hair already seems thick and full after just a few applications.

Shampoo Sensitive is suitable for all hair types. The focus here is the regeneration of sensitive to allergic scalps. It provides a great deal of moisture and cares for the stressed scalp. The innovative combination of active ingredients from fenugreek and plant-based keratine strengthens healthy hair growth.

Shampoo Repair cleans and cares for stressed and dyed hair. Silk proteins provide moisture and a great deal of care to make the hair easy to comb. The effective active ingredients from fenugreek seeds and wheat germ strengthen the structure of the hair all the way to the tips. At the same time, mallow extract harmonises the pH balance of the scalp.

Conditioner Volume nourishes and supports the fullness of all types of hair. The light spray conditioner with moisturising silk proteins and active ingredients from fenugreek especially makes fine hair compact and full. Beer extract gives the hair a natural stability, more volume and elasticity. Spray into freshly washed hair, brush it in and either rinse it out or leave it in the hair, depending on the hair structure.

Conditioner Repair is the perfect supplement for the care of stressed hair. Chemically dyed hair especially receives an extra portion of moisture and shine. Precious silk active ingredients surround the hair protectively, make it easier to comb. Vitamins and minerals from plant active ingredients provide intensive care and regeneration for the structure of the hair.

Mask Intensive Repair protects and nourishes stressed and damaged hair. The hair structure is renewed from within. The combination of active ingredients from silk, wheat germ, fenugreek seeds and biotin supply the hair with nutrients and gives it new resilience, shine and a silky feel.

Hair Elixir is a highly effective are product for beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. The light serum supplies the hair sustainably with moisture and nourishing care. The active ingredients from mallow, silk, wheat germ and beer harmonises the scalp, help the hair to grow thicker and stronger and give it new resilience.

The Susanne Kaufmann Hair Produkte are available in the Susanne Kaufmann Shop & Christoph Tomann hair stylist shop opposite the hotel or in the web shop.