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Susanne Kaufmann Shop and Hair Stylist Christoph Tomann in Bezau

Susanne Kaufmann Shop and Hair Stylist Christoph Tomann in Bezau

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

A concept, a store, a hair stylist - a concept hair shop

Now that Susanne Kaufmann organic treats products are now available worldwide, it is time to create a platform that presents the diversity, selection and competence of the natural care line at home as well. When the opportunity to renovate a spacious storefront across from Hotel Post in Bezau, a vision and plan became reality on 21 October 2014.

The idea

The idea of developing a hair line has existed for quite some time and it is now being realised with the hair stylist Christoph Tomann in the team. His experience with organic products and his quality standards served as essential input for the development of the hair line that is available for purchase since April 2015. Christoph Tomann and Susanne Kaufmann opened a shop and hair salon in a shared storefront in Bezau.

The treatments

Not all washings are created equal. Together with the team of the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Bezau, Christoph Tomann has developed rituals for washing the hair and massaging the scalp and neck. Treatments that care for and pamper the hair and scalp.

Christoph Tomann

Christoph Tomann

Natural, minimal and focused on the essentials: these are the qualities that make up Christoph Tomann. It is the cut and the colour upon which Christoph Tomann focuses his energy, concentrates upon and through which he achieves his wholly unique style: “The reduced, natural beauty of hair.”

Contact Christoph Tomann

Hair Stylist | Bezau
+43 (0)664 49 49 883

Brugg 35, 6870 Bezau

The shop

The main feature in the new shop are the products from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats. They are natural, effective and especially compatible. Today, this holistic care line comprises more than 70 functional products for facial and body care.  The additional assortment is personally selected by Susanne Kaufmann and exclusively presents items that make life more beautiful.

The architecture

Oskar Leo Kaufmann created the design of the shop. White, clear, reduced to the essentials. Not too much, not too light. Spacious, open, featuring a great deal of light and a special aesthetic. The architecture perfectly unites the varying concepts of shop, hair stylist, showroom and office.

Shop & hair stylist business hours

Tuesdays through Fridays: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Mondays: Closed