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TCM detox for the skin at the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Bezau

TCM detox for the skin at the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Bezau

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Radiant skin and new energy

Energy, form and radiance return to the skin with a TCM detox treatment at Hotel Post in Bezau When our detoxification organs such as the liver, kidneys and skin are overwhelmed, the complexion becomes pallid and the body becomes vulnerable. A TCM detox treatment stimulates the metabolism, helps to lose weight and clarifies the complexion, strengthens the immune systems and provides new energy.

The principle of detoxification

When the body is encumbered by too many stored toxins, it cannot eliminate them via the kidneys, liver and bowels. Possible consequences are skin problems such as cellulite, impurities and eczema. The best detoxification aids are a natural diet rich in vitamins, relaxation, exercise and a good supply of fluids. Regular detox treatments provide greater comfort.

The team of the Susanne Kaufmann spa at Hotel Post in Bezau recommends the following simple and effective aids that you can apply during your detox treatment.

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Anyone who drinks a great deal of water and tea is already on the right path. Water flushes toxins out of the body. During the TCM detox treatment, you receive herbal teas specially intended for detoxification.


The focus of the TCM detox cuisine is a natural diet rich in active compounds on the basis of fresh ingredients based on the dietary rules of traditional Chinese medicine.


A bath with alkaline salt can work wonders. The salts contained in the water brings the alkaline-acid balance of the body back into equilibrium. During a TCM detox treatment, there is a detoxifying bath with alkaline salts and herbs. The effect is quite large and not only for the skin. It promotes the flow of energy, strengthens the tendons and bones, protects the heart, moisturises, relieves coughs and asthma, flushes out mucus and toxins and balances the heat in the upper body.

Yoga retreats at Hotel Post Bezau

Susanne Kaufmann spa detox treatments

Detox massage, anti-cellulite packages, foot reflex zone massage, peelings and many specially conceived treatments for detoxification and the stimulation of the metabolism sustainably support the detoxification process.

Yoga and Qigong

Our active programme offers daily Qigong and yoga multiple times per week. It includes, amongst other features, exercises that stimulate the circulation of the liver and its metabolism. This effectively presses the blood out of the muscles and the internal organs. This absorbs oxygen and subsequently flushes more toxins out of the body.

Dedicate your stay in the Bregenz Forest to a TCM detox treatment at Hotel Post in Bezau and enquire now at the Susanne Kaufmann spa.