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TCM on Spa Holiday in Austria

Doctor Brigitte Klett

Relaxing Holiday in Vorarlberg

Specialist in general medicine and Chinese medicine

Doctor Brigitte Klett has worked nearly 30 years at her own private general medical practice, and at the same time she has improved her knowledge in Chinese therapy methods both in China and Germany with Chinese and German professors. Since 2004, she has been working exclusively outside the Health Service as a doctor and teacher.

She teaches complementary Asian medicine at her institute at the Steinbeis University Berlin for doctors, physical therapists and massage therapy in all the areas of Chinese therapies (Qi Gong, acupuncture and acupressure, Chinese dietetics, Tuina - massage techniques and Chinese drug therapy). By 2011, she has taught VPT Physiotherapists and Massage School graduates in internal medicine.

TCM therapy in the spa hotel in the Bregenzerwald

In addition, she leads a private treatment centre for Integrative German-Asian medicine (IDA) in Fellbach near Stuttgart, where she, along with 5 independent partners (doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians and health educators), provides an exemplary holistic care for her patients according to the methods of Chinese medicine on the basis of today's scientific medicine exercises. 

For over 10 years this comprehensive therapy concept has been implemented at the Hotel Post in Bezau for the benefit of the guests, in a genuine preventative wellness strategy with success.

Dr. Klett has been married since 1968, she has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Available Dates

  • 14th to 21st March 2018
  • 7th to 14th November 2018

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