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Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Spa Hotel

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM

TCM at the health spa and hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

Activate self-healing powers

The goal of the thousands of years old Traditional Chinese Medicine is to achieve a harmonic balance in the body. The self-healing powers are supported by the stimulation of certain points of the body with acupuncture.

TCM programme at Hotel Post Bezau

Preserving inner harmony and health instead of merely healing illnesses is the goal of traditional Chinese medicine. Together with a metabolism-activating exercise and nutrition programme, the TCM treatment visible refines your comfort and your complexion.

The face and body are firmed and take on a youthful appearance.

TCM treatments at the holistic health spa in Vorarlberg

Basis diagnosis and treatment

After a comprehensive basis diagnosis, the treatment is specially tailored to your needs and desires. Special points of focus are active stress reduction, burn-out rehabilitation, pain relief, weight regulation and natural anti aging.

The goal of the treatment is to achieve a harmonic balance in the body. Instead of treating illnesses symptomatically, our therapies activate the self-healing powers of the body through nutrition, exercise and stimulation of specific points with the help of acupuncture.

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