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Regional Wood Architecture in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg Wood Architecture

Modern wood architecture in Vorarlberg, Austria

Wood Construction at Hotel Post Bezau

Wood lives, wood breathes. Wood is a construction material that has an especially long tradition in Vorarlberg. Wooden architecture is the embodiment of the region and Vorarlberg has made a name for itself in wood construction architecture far beyond its borders. Such a density of superior wooden constructions can scarcely be found anywhere else. An example of this is Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenz Forest.

The construction material wood

One reason that so many craftsmen and architects in Vorarlberg have dedicated themselves to the wood material is to realise its natural beauty. They are all fascinated with the way that the wood from the region has become the answer to so many pressing questions of our time - from the sustainable protection of nature to a healthy feeling of living.

Wood creates a healthy room climate, is moisture dispersant and does not become electrostatically charged. It is renewable, easy to obtain, can be disposed of without residue and saves energy.

4 star Hotel Post Bezau in Vorarlberg, Austria

Traditional preparation of wood

The fact that wood is sustainable and often lasts for centuries is thanks to the traditional care with which it is selected, cut down, dried and cut. This is how roof shingles are made from water-repellent larch wood. The side exposed to weather is clad with fir wood and the side exposed to sun is clad with spruce wood while Swiss pine is suitable for the terrace floor. The phases of the moon play just as important a role as the season when cutting down wood. All of these types of applications can be seen at Hotel Post in Bezau.

Hotel Post Bezau – the perfect example of wood architecture in Vorarlberg

Hotel Post Bezau was renovated in 1976. The original building, which was built from fir and spruce, has been maintained.

The expansion of the hotel today shows a clear, comfortable architecture without adornments. The wood box architecture that is found in the west house of Hotel Post Bezau is typical of the wood architectural character of the Bregenz Forest. These boxes made from wood can be placed next to each other or on top of each other.

The raw material wood was also used in the interior design for tables and chairs while the reception desk and flower planters are also made from wood. When entering the indoor tennis courts, it becomes clear that wood plays an important role in the Bregenz Forest: enormous wooden beams that arch like the curve of a ball run from one end to the other.

See the characteristic wood architecture in the Bregenz Forest for yourself and discover the various options offered by the traditional construction material at Hotel Post Bezau. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry.