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Yoga at Spa Hotel Post

Yoga: strength from the centre

Enjoy yoga in the 4 star Hotel Post Bezau in Austria

Yoga retreats at Hotel Post in Bezau

Yoga retreats at Hotel Post Bezau offer the perfect opportunity to get physically fit and mentally relax. Flowing flows, synchronised breathing exercises and a clear spirit: Hotel Post in Vorarlberg offers you the opportunity to combine an intense yet regenerative yoga experience with a holiday in a beautiful location.

Spa and detox in the Bregenz Forest

Get away from the everyday routine and immerse yourself in a physically and spiritually transformational experience. Peace, harmony, reflection, slowing down, storing up energy, comfort, wellness and nature - these are only some of the words that come to mind when one wants to describe a yoga retreat. Yoga retreats with different focuses are held every month at this wellness hotel and spa in Bezau.

Kathleen Kloss Schedule

  • 8 - 12 April 2018
  • 6 - 9 May 2018
  • 3 - 7 June 2018
  • 9 - 14 September 2018
  • 28 October - 2 November 2018
  • 7 - 11 December 2018

Kristin Rübesamen Schedule

  • 20th - 25th May 2018
  • 29th July - 3rd August 2018

Claudia Jochum Schedule

  • 17th - 21nd June 2018
Wellness holiday in the Bregenz Forest in Vorarlberg

Get rid of ballast and find peace

Breathing is life. Breath deeply and you will feel how much energy is in your body. Achieving breathing with movement on the same level is the goal of all yoga exercises. Whether you are a beginner or already bring experience with yoga with you - the yoga retreat at Hotel Post Bezau is the best opportunity to dedicate yourself to the path of yoga, since yoga...

  • ...supports and promotes the health
  • ...provides relaxation and promotes inner peace
  • ...activates self-healing energies
  • ...strengthens the vigour and flexibility of the body
  • ...helps to get rid of stress more effectively
  • ...promotes serenity

Yoga all year long

Hotel Post offers open yoga classes all year long in Bezau, Vorarlberg. Whether you are a beginner or an advance yogi - our professional yoga instructors will work with your individual needs. Learn more about our active programme.

Yoga and wellness

The clear architecture of the bath house at Hotel Post and the peace of the Bregenz Forest create the perfect conditions for increasing your comfort. Give your body a present. During an invigorating body treatment by the experienced therapists of the Susanne Kaufmann spa, you can let yourself go and simply enjoy the experience.

Are you interested in taking part in a yoga retreat at Hotel Post? Then send us your no-obligation booking enquiry today.