Body Rejuvenation

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Detoxification of the body with weight and circumference reduction at Hotel Post Bezau.

Our lifestyle and hereditary disposition determine the shape as well as the functionality of our body. The former can be changed with some dedication and determination. This is where the new concept by Susanne Kaufmann and the lymphologist Sicco Schwenzfeger comes in. They have combined scientific knowledge from lymphology and myofascial release to create a new Body Rejuvenation Concept, which shows visible results in only a few days. Learn more about this effective treatment at Hotel Post Bezau and the Susanne Kaufmann spa.


A lasting weight and circumference reduction as well as a cellulite reduction is possible if the body is detoxified one step at a time. The three steps process of the Body Rejuvenation Concept makes exactly this possible. To begin with, the fat cells are activated using special body wraps and freed from within the connective tissue. During this process, toxins can also escape from the cells. Over the course of the second step, drainage with lymphatic massage techniques takes care of the removal of unwanted lymphatic fluid. The improved lymph flow allows the tissue to restore lost elasticity and firmness. In the third step, the metabolism is optimized through targeted training of the fasciae. This causes nutrients to reach the cells quicker as well as remove toxins from the cells faster. Gradually, in this manner, fewer water and fat deposits are stored in the tissue.


A balanced nutrition is an important pillar of the Body Rejuvenation Concept. Sugar, white flour products and a diet too high in fat can generate toxins that are deposited in the cells. During the Body Rejuvenation, you will learn about converting to a low-glycaemic, alkaline-rich diet which will help you to control your insulin level. An insulin level that is too high is often responsible for excess weight. The glycaemic index shows you how strongly a carbohydrate can influence the blood sugar level, glucose level and insulin level. The lower the GI value, the more complex and “better” the carbohydrate. Our TCM Detox Cuisine is designed so that only sources of complex carbohydrates are found in the meals and that you do not have refrain from enjoying what you eat!


The key to slimming your body silhouette is exercise, performed regularly and for a longer period of time. Choose a type of athletic activity that moderately challenges you and that you will enjoy doing for a longer period of time. You might even find the right activity with us at Hotel Post Bezau: yoga, pilates or running training are available to you as part of our activity programme during your Body Rejuvenation Treatment.

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