Susanne Kaufmann


20.10.2021 -

World Spa Award 2021

For the third time in a row we have won 'Austria's Best Wellness Retreat 2021'

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20.07.2021 -

Yoga and Pilates

How to find your ideal retreat

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19.04.2021 -

Holistic Beauty for at home

Sustainably improve your skin appearance

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24.02.2021 -

Have you detoxed today yet?

Deriving initially from the word detoxification, “Detox” has gradually become something of an overused trend word. But what’s it really all about, and what goes into a Detox Cleanse?

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28.12.2020 -

Turning over a new leaf this New Year

Good old New Year’s resolutions

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28.10.2020 -

Once again

Nominated and won: World Spa Award 2020

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12.10.2020 -

Relief and relaxation

The myriad benefits of a good massage

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01.09.2020 -

Sustainable nutrition

Where does the term sustainability actually come from and what does it really mean to eat sustainably?

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25.08.2020 -


Time for a wellness weekend

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11.08.2020 -

Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM: thousands of years in the making

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16.07.2020 -

Bezau Beatz Festival: Limited Edition

Outstanding music in intimate surroundings

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02.07.2020 -

Stress Management

Away with stress!

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25.06.2020 -

Summer in the Bregenzerwald

Hiking in Austria

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26.02.2020 -

Yoga Retreats

Why a yoga retreat is for everyone

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07.02.2020 -

Beauty essence from the Bregenzerwald: Aqua Rosa

True beauty comes from within

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31.01.2020 -

Juice Cleanse

Purify your body with fresh juices

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02.01.2020 -

Body Detox How-to

Detox: from the inside out

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13.12.2019 -

Step by step to beautiful skin

Radiantly beautiful skin with the right skin care

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05.12.2019 -

Beauty sleep really does exist!

Sleep soundly with these simple tips

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28.11.2019 -

Eat beautiful

How to shine from the inside out

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11.11.2019 -

Looking and feeling great

Here’s how to grow old healthily

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22.10.2019 -

Honoured by the World Spa Awards

From tradition to innovation

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14.10.2019 -

Susanne Kaufmann Skincare – Intrinsically Natural

Nature has always been our point of reference. Here’s why.

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01.10.2019 -


Our new series of retreats for 2020 will bring mindfulness and movement into your life for good

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30.08.2019 -

Holistically different

We present to you: our Wellness Concierge

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26.07.2019 -

Sleep Tight!

We explain why it is so important to get a good night’s sleep.

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12.07.2019 -

Farm to Table

Why we uncompromisingly adhere to the principle of “from the farm to the table” in our kitchen.

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03.07.2019 -

Recharge Your Batteries

All you need is fresh air, lush nature, and a little time.

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27.06.2019 -

For the Love of Food.

How we consciously reduce food waste at the Hotel Post Bezau.

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24.06.2019 -

Time to Get Fit (Again)!

Julian Kleinheinz is the go-to guy for all things sports and fitness at the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann.

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20.06.2019 -

Who Needs Pineapple Anyway?

Find out why and (most importantly) how we are taking our commitment to sustainability one step further here at the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann.

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18.06.2019 -

Journey of Discovery

In our discovery retreat, experience what inspires us and why we do things differently.

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14.06.2019 -

Healthy Yet Delicious

Our new food concept is exciting on so many levels.

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13.06.2019 -

We are Family!

Family retreat vacations at the Hotel Post Bezau.

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26.04.2019 -

Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann

We Will Continue to Write Our 150-Year Hotel History Together with You.

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25.04.2019 -

Bezau Beatz’ 12th Anniversary – August 8 to 10, 2019

Music can be entertaining, moving, and enchanting.

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28.02.2019 -

And the Condé Nast Traveller Award UK 2019 goes to...

... Hotel Post Bezau for the “Best Naturally Healthy Hideaway”

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28.02.2019 -

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22.01.2019 -

Glowing skin from within

With the help of fresh juices to healthier skin and more energy.

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14.01.2019 -


An Opportunity to Reboot, Not a Trendy Phenomenon at hotel Post Bezau.

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05.10.2018 -

Jump into Fall!

Immerse yourself and all your senses in the autumn colors of the Bregenz Forest

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03.08.2018 -

Departure and Return.

Why is the Bregenz Forest so well-known not only for nature but also for its cultural diversity?

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28.05.2018 -

Beauty in the City

Susanne Kaufmann™ products and treatments now also in New York City at NYDG.

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14.05.2018 -

I'll be on my way ...

... to the Bregenzerwald and Susanne Kaufmann's Hotel Post Bezau.

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23.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 10

TCM Detox Cuisine – Build Up Day 3.

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22.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 9

TCM Detox Cuisine – Build Up Day 2.

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21.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 8

TCM Detox Cuisine – Build-Up Day 1. Fish and meat are now allowed back on the plate. And for everyone who really missed them: coffee and black tea are also allowed (1 cup of either per day). More steamed fish than meat, cook meat at a lower temperature and do not coat with breadcrumbs.

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20.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 7

TCM Detox Cuisine.

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19.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 6

TCM Detox Cuisine.

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18.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 5

TCM Detox Cuisine.

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17.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 4

TCM Detox Cuisine.

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16.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 3

TCM Detox Cuisine.

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15.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 2

TCM Detox Cuisine.

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14.02.2018 -

10 day TCM Detox at home

Inner Cleansing according to the rules od TCM Detox at Hotel Post Bezau.

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14.02.2018 -

TCM Detox Day 1

TCM Detox Cuisine.

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31.01.2018 -

Hay milk

In the Bregenzerwald, we attach great importance to traditional milk production, to what we call the hay milk industry. But what is it all about?

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17.01.2018 -

True beauty

A mask made of daisies and herbs from the mountain pastures and fine sand from the river at the entrance to the village. That’s how Susanne Kaufmann began back in 2003.

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06.01.2018 -

Best of . . .

At the beginning of the year, we are pleased to introduce to you the two rankings that are sure to increase our motivation to work hard on our performance even further in the new year.

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01.12.2017 -

Winter adventure

Bregenzerwald offers fun on the slopes for the whole family.

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01.12.2017 -

Baking cookies: a fun adventure!

Tasty, quick recipes for little and big sweet tooths.

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28.11.2017 -

Take time for yourself

The retreats at the Hotel Post Bezau make this possible.

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17.11.2017 -


What the skin needs in winter.

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01.11.2017 -

Ladies only

A weekend just for the girls.

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20.10.2017 -

In good hands

4 tips for beautifully manicured hands.

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19.10.2017 -

Relaxed throughout your pregnancy

A short getaway for expecting mothers.

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19.10.2017 -

Gathering strength for winter

How to properly strengthen your body and skin with the help of TCM in the transitional period.

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16.10.2017 -

A healthy sweat

Sauna – pure relaxation with a holistic effect.

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04.09.2017 -

Often asked, but never answered?

Your chance to get answers to life’s questions: The FAQ, a festival-style forum in the Bregenzerwald from 7 to 10 September 2017.

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21.08.2017 -

Treading lightly through late summer

Susanne Kaufmann™ care ritual for legs and feet.

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26.07.2017 -

Susanne Kaufmann’s Home Spa tip

Body wrapping at home.

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22.06.2017 -

With tailwind through the Bregenzerwald

Explore the cycling paths of the Bregenzerwald with our e-bikes.

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01.06.2017 -

10 Years Bezau Beatz

From August 10th – 12th 2017 our wonderful festival is turning ten!

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26.05.2017 -

A very special place

Host successful seminars, conferences and workshops at the Hotel Post Bezau.

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18.05.2017 -

Step by Step

Power walking keeps you moving during your Body Rejuvenation.

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01.05.2017 -

The Surf Club Miami x Susanne Kaufmann

The first spa in the USA with Susanne Kaufmann™ products and signature treatments is located in what must be the most legendary Surf Club in the world. On 26th April it celebrated its opening.

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26.04.2017 -

Say goodbye to cellulite

Effectively reduce cellulite with lymph drainage.

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06.04.2017 -

The power from the centre

Pilates gives the body strength and flexibility– learn about this effective exercise system by attending our retreat.

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04.04.2017 -

Body Rejuvenation

Detoxification of the body with weight and circumference reduction at Hotel Post Bezau.

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