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An Opportunity to Reboot, Not a Trendy Phenomenon at hotel Post Bezau.

The digital age demands a fast-paced lifestyle characterized by social obligations and permanent availability. Switching off from everyday life has become an exception, even a luxury, as a result of which, sleep disturbances and lack of concentration become apparent. In particular, a healthy, balanced diet quickly loses priority. For us at Hotel Post Bezau, Detox is a reboot for your health.

Both the media world and the healthcare industry regularly provide remedies to this phenomenon. “Well-being”, “mindfulness”, and “detox” have become trendy words, with promising products confronting consumers both virtually and face-to-face, marketed as part of our click-and-swipe culture. But what’s behind these buzzwords? The term “detox,” especially, pops up frequently in discussions on health issues, and is used again and again with terms such as “cleanse.” The profound social relevance of associated treatments is rarely questioned.

Detox means the detoxification of the body and the elimination of pollutants. Basically, the human organism is able to purify itself. However, uncontrolled consumer behavior often leads to an excess of toxins, which we cannot reduce without external help. Detoxification organs such as our liver, kidneys, and skin are overwhelmed. The general symptoms? In addition to sleep disorders, there are stomach and intestinal problems, weight fluctuations, skin irritations, headaches, and general listlessness. The societal pressure to achieve long-term performance meets an unbalanced body and its weakened immune system.

The regular confrontation of these negative effects brings us back into harmony. At the Hotel Post Bezau, detox is not a trendy phenomenon, but a philosophy behind which a change of diet is the cornerstone of the physical deep cleansing. It’s about a reboot that is universally relevant: For the last 15 years, the Hotel Post Bezau has been utilizing individual programs for physical and mental well-being—features that promote a more balanced lifestyle over the long term. Whether for four, seven, or ten days, these programs make the necessary break from everyday life and social obligations and challenges, framed by the Alpine panorama of the Bregenz Forest and its variety of activities, as well as the culinary farm-to-table principle of our restaurants.

Purification begins with a return to natural foods. A rich supply of primarily liquid and unprocessed foods – excluding alcohol and caffeinated drinks – brings the metabolism back into swing. Thanks to herbal teas, whole grains, soups, and salads, the body gains new energy. Nutritious smoothies and juices helps detoxify. Nutritional labs provide guests with ideas for healthy detox cuisine, which is also applicable at home – even with a busy schedule.

During the detoxification process, the body should be in motion – not just internally. Detox walks accompany the treatments, rounded off by vitals analyses, anamnesis, and individual training sessions with certified fitness trainers. In the style of Nordic walking, the movements focus on conscious breathing – another step that catalyzes the purification. Tailored treatments are also part of the agenda. Specially tailored scrubs take care of dead skin, while serums, oils, and masks renew the underlying skin.



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