New: Immun Boost Retreat

A strong immune system has always been important - never more so than in these unprecedented times. At Hotel Post Bezau we’ve developed a new retreat with our in-house experts aimed at significantly boosting the immune system through special treatments, well-rounded nutrition, restful sleep, and plenty of fresh-air activity. A close interaction of the right nutrition for a healthy intestine, where by far the largest part of our immune system is located, perfectly coordinated treatments as well as outdoor activities provide a real turbo boost to your immune system. 

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Bregenzerwald & Sustainability

Connected to nature

The power of nature is our key inspiration and guiding force, defining the holistic wellbeing of body, mind and soul. In the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann we see the Bregenzerwald as an unique stage for sustainability, nature and progress, this diversity influences the approach of the hotel in a positive and demanding sense.



This is now the right time to go beyond. From a wellness resort to a healthy hideaway. We want to create a mindful and inspirational place to experience a positive life and body transformation.

Susanne Kaufmann & Stephanie Rist


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