Inside the Bregenzerwald, you’re not only invited to see nature and soak in spectacular vistas, you’re urged to consciously experience and take it in; grasp it as a whole while delving into each detail it offers. The region’s landscapes are adorned with postcard-ready motifs that rightfully evoke romantic notions of the Alps.

Rich fauna

Landscape and surroundings

Rolling hills adjacent to rugged peaks, vast meadows and rare plant life framed by cultivated land, the smell of homegrown herbs complementing that of colorful flora. Here, unspoiled, diverse of nature, and rich fauna are so much more than descriptive buzzwords.

Environmental awareness


In the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann we see the Bregenzerwald as an unique stage for sustainability, nature and progress, this diversity influences the approach of the hotel in a positive and demanding sense. This includes the abandonment of plastic, the development of our own environmentally friendly cleaning products and much more.

We believe in these guests, who appreciate this intense lifestyle and our love of nature.

Stephanie Rist


Outdoors in the Bregenzerwald

Its natural properties are sure to aid your invigoration and revitalization. In summer, the verdant landscapes blossom and you’re invited to experience its biodiversity on whatever hiking or mountainbiking route you opt for. In winter, nature turns them into snowbeds and ski paths.

Build from wood

Architecture and crafts

The Bregenzerwald is known for its outstanding craftsmen and architects. Especially the guild of carpenters and carpenters. Even today, traditional wood construction techniques provide ideas and inspiration for modern buildings and objects.