Our home


The Bregenzerwald, located in the west of Austria, not far from the German and Swiss borders and Lake Constance, not only invites you to enjoy nature and its spectacular views of the Alps, but also to experience it consciously and down to the smallest detail. The landscape in the region resembles a postcard motif and evokes romantic images of the mountains.

Rich nature

Landscape & surroundings

Hilly landscapes next to rugged mountain peaks, expansive meadows, and rare plant species – originality, diversity, and splendour are more than just buzzwords in Bregenzerwald. This unique nature in the Austrian Alps is rounded off by the scent of local herbs, regional agriculture, and pure mountain air.

Environmental awareness


At POST BEZAU, we see Bregenzerwald as a unique stage for nature, sustainability, and progress. Its diversity influences the hotel's approach in a positive and challenging way. This includes, for example, a conscious use of resources and materials, the avoidance of waste wherever possible, and the regional and seasonal cuisine in our restaurant.

We built our concept on the idea of guests who appreciate our love of nature and the connection to our region.

Stephanie Rist


Outdoors in the Bregenzerwald

The fresh air of Bregenzerwald invigorates and re-energises. In summer, the green landscape blossoms and invites you to experience its biodiversity on the numerous hiking and biking trails. In winter, snow transforms the paths into ski routes and cross-country ski trails.

Building with wood

Architecture and crafts

Bregenzerwald is known for its outstanding craftsmen and architects. The guild of carpenters and joiners is particularly important for the region. Even today, traditional timber construction techniques provide ideas and inspiration for modern buildings and objects.