Yoga Retreats

The term yoga holds a multitude of dimensions. As a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, yoga strengthens the muscles and relieves stress. Doing yoga also improves people’s flexibility and alleviates certain symptoms, such as chronic back pain. Yoga unites body and soul, physical and mental wellbeing.

Time out

Yoga Retreat

At Hotel Post Bezau, yoga is a transformative experience that has been part of its portfolio for almost two decades. Translated into three to five-day retreats, it asks guests to take breaks from their daily lives. The holistic approach of the retreat also includes nutrition, spa treatments and workshops.

Professional coaches

Yoga Trainer

At Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann we have 4 trainers who design the daily yoga programme and retreats.

  1. Kathleen Kloss

    Mindfulness Yoga

    One is Kundalini, which can be both physically and mentally challenging. Along with its various postures, of which there are thousands, it includes chants and mudras to boost energy levels and emotional balance. The mindfulness yoga is taught by Kathleen Kloss.

    About Kathleen Kloss

    With her own unique technique, Kathleen has created a new pathway to practice yoga. As well as being an experienced and fully certified yoga teacher, Kathleen is also a consciousness coach and healer. Her calm presence, her precision and her sensitivity in her teaching practice create the perfect environment for individuals to open up their inner selves to a space of healing and reflection in which true change is possible.

    Dates 2020

  2. Kristin Rübesamen

    Jivamukti Yoga

    Kristin Rübesamen has taught Jivamukti Yoga for more than 20 years. She shares a simple motto: "The aim of yoga is to realize that we are all connected. We share one heart, one consciousness, and one divine source. This also shapes Rübesamen’s lessons that reintegrate the physical, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of Yoga.

    Kristin Rübesamen

    Kristin has been a Jivamukti and Om yoga teacher for over twenty years. She lived in New York and London for more than a decade and completed her training under the personal tutelage of Sharon Gannon and David Life (Jivamukti training, 2005) and Cyndi Lee (Om yoga training, 2000). She is also the Managing Editor of 

    Date 2020

  3. Claudia Jochum-Breuß

    Yoga and healing powers

    Since 1992, Claudia Jochum-Breuß has devoted most of her professional life to yoga’s healing powers. The yoga classes in this retreat focus on yoga-therapy to create a practice which is simultaneously powerful, dynamic, relaxing and meditative. The asanas in this course help to connect the body, breath, and mind and to
    reawaken awareness in all areas.

    Claudia Jochum-Breuß

    Claudia’s yoga path took her via the “yogic support” of children and adolescents to aerial yoga in Zurich, where in 2011 she completed her yoga teacher training under the guiding principles of the Yoga Alliance. She has also completed advanced trainings earning her diplomas in Yoga Teaching for Children and Adolescents and Birthlight Prenatal Teaching. Furthermore she completed a Yin Yoga teacher training with Josh Summer and further training in SVASTHA Yoga Therapy. 

    Dates 2020

  4. Bettina Dralle

    Bettina has developed the holistic method yoga balance and meditation for well-being and health through her decades of experience and her own individual style. She is experienced yoga and meditation teacher, healer and coach since 17 years. Through her presence, ability to perceive and her empathetic as well as precise manner Bettina creates the space for everyone to come into their own center and strength and to develop their own potential. Bettina's positive and cheerful nature is captivating. Everyone is picked up where he stands and receives numerous suggestions for their own yoga practice.

    Dates 2020

  5. Gabriela Bozic

    Gabriela Bozic is internationally known for her great teaching methods. As a teacher, speaker, entrepreneur, author and mother, she focuses especially on the effects and implementation of yoga in everyday life. Therefore, retreats are particularly valuable with her: here we not only learn for the mat, but for life.

    Dates 2020