Yoga Retreat with Claudia Schachenmann

Unleash your infinite potential by empowering your body’s intelligence with Breathwork and elevating your mindset with the guidance of Claudia Schachenmann. Revitalizing activities and relaxation, nourishing cuisine, the power of nature, and optional treatments at Susanne Kaufmann Spa compliment your experience.

  • 2 to 4 February

About Claudia

Revitalizing Yoga

Claudia is the founder of BureauxSchachenmann and a forward-thinking Strategist, Mental & Transformation Coach, and Mentor. With years of expertise in Coaching, Leadership of Art Strategy and Innovation Claudia is driven by the profound commitment to amplify human creativity and potential. As a coach, her core competence is guiding transformation, unlocking potential and creativity, by methodically steering the process on a mental, physical, and energetic level. She gives inspiration, helps to fortify strengths, sharpen instinct/intuition, use the body’s intelligence, and cultivate an expansive mindset, improving performance in personal and business domains.