Mental Health & Wellbeing Retreat with Anna

Following the YOLIE Feel Good Retreat at the beginning of 2024, the focus of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Retreat in November will be on ways to support and strengthen mental well-being.

In addition to experiences on the yoga mat, further practical exercises (e.g. meditation and mindfulness) and group dialogue, the retreat will introduce you to the world of preventative health and support through a healthy diet – with a focus on gut health.

Anna Rampf

About Anna

Strala Yoga

Anna is a Strala Yoga and Meditation Guide. She lives and loves to inspire people for more mindfulness, awareness and the high good of personal health.

After various Strala Yoga trainings, Anna opened YOGALIEBE in 2017, the first Strala Yoga studio in Germany, in order to accompany many more people on their path to more ease, joy in movement and health.