And the Condé Nast Traveller Award UK 2019 goes to...

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... Hotel Post Bezau for the “Best Naturally Healthy Hideaway”

Yes, it feels a bit like an Oscar. We are delighted that Condé Nast Travellers UK has named us one of the top three spas in the world. This is an award that rewards our courage to repackage ourselves as the “Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann”. In addition to our classic values, we want to be the ultimate destination for discerning travelers looking to optimize their health and restore balance.

On 2 June 2019 the Hotel Post Bezau presents the new concept. In the words of Susanne Kaufmann

"Now we are ready to take the next step: from a spa hotel to a destination for discerning travelers looking to improve their health and balance their lives," she says, appreciating Conde Nast Traveller's recognition as an encouragement to be on the right track.

Nature. Although the Bregenzerwald is (still) unknown to many readers of Condé Nast Travellers UK, it was precisely this environment – the mountains, meadows, and fresh alpine air – that encouraged Susanne Kaufmann at the beginning of the 2000s to completely reorient the hotel founded by her great-great-grandfather in 1850. Her brother, architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann, was responsible for the visual changes. Elements of traditional Chinese medicine became the cornerstones of the spa concept, and the Susanne Kaufmann™ in-house natural-active-ingredient cosmetics line was the logical complement. Centered around the potency of the natural, alpine ingredients and minimalist packaging, the beauty brand – now sold worldwide – has been thrilling consumers for 15 years. “We are now ready to take the next step from a spa hotel to a destination for discerning travelers who want to optimize their health and restore balance to their lives,” says a delighted Susanne Kaufmann, seeing the award as very reassuring.

Holistic Beauty. “For me, well-being is inseparably linked with wholeness. Everything is interconnected – our environment, our mental power, our physical constitution. In our retreats, we consider all of this as one unit,” says Susanne Kaufmann, describing the theme for further development. One crucial component is our range of tailor-made retreats focusing on beauty, detox, or yoga. Complemented by an adapted kitchen concept, which includes clean eating with vegetables from the hotel garden, local products, and zero-kilometer water (sourced from within a kilometer of the hotel). Our sophisticated menu structure gives our guests all-nutritional choices and helps to avoid leftovers. So that both body and mind can recover, we also focus on sound sleep: ergonomic beds from the Samina sleep system and Wi-Fi-free nights provide the ideal infrastructure.

It is particularly pleasing that one in every three guests returns to our hotel. Our goal with the new concept is for at least half of our guests to find their way back to us and leave with 100% health and satisfaction.

See you soon in the Bregenzerwald!

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