Kundalini Yoga Retreat with Kathleen Kloss

Kathleen has developed her very own approach to yoga, as an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher, coach, and healer. Through her presence, precision, and sensitivity she creates a space perfectly suited to healing, reflection, and transformation for all. Kundalini Kriya Yoga and Mindfulness Healing Yoga is dedicated to developing a new sense of self and awakening one's own conscious potential. 

About Kathleen

Mindfulness Yoga

Kathleen is a certified Kundalini yoga and Mindfulness yoga teacher. She leads healing sessions and kriya meditations. As a coach and a healer, she gives workshops which go deep into original essence and help lead you back to your true self.


Dates 2020

Dates 2021

  • 19th to 23rd March
  • 9th to 13th May
  • 3rd to 6th June
  • 24th to 29th September
  • 11th to 14th November
  • 3rd to 7th December