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All you need is fresh air, lush nature, and a little time.

Listen to the sound of your breathing for 90 seconds and try to focus on the way your body moves every time you inhale and exhale. This little trick can boost your energy levels in no time. But if you are in need of a little more than that, why not come and see us at the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann in the Bregenzerwald in Austria? Here you can discover centuries-old energy spots, take in plenty of fresh Alpine air, explore the lush natural scenery, and indulge in forest bathing.


The Great Outdoors: If we’re being honest, when you come to see us in the Bregenzerwald, you simply have to get outside and be at one with nature – “usse go” as we would say in the local dialect. You can head across the neighboring meadows, venture into the moor, or make your way up a mountain. Within the first few meters, the clear air and natural background noise will have allowed you to clear your head before you know it. Taking the first step can be the biggest challenge, but it is so worth it!


Energy Spots: When you are out exploring the natural wonders of the Bregenzerwald, you will come across special energy spots, which are usually sources of incredible power linked closely to one of the five elements. These spots may come in the form of rock formations, springs, or glades. They will be marked with ritual stones, structures, or natural materials, placed there by people centuries ago. The Ilgaquelle spring is one of the most famous spots in the Bregenzerwald. Located above Schwarzenberg, it is a stopping point on a rather pretty walk. The spring near the Chapel of Saint Wendelin in Alberschwende is said to have healing powers, too, with both springs actually having been linked to the alleviation of eye conditions. We know of plenty more energy spots in the local area, but we would much rather show them to you in person.


The Forest: The forest is another place bursting with special powers. Its unique scents, the rustling of leaves and perhaps even the babbling of a small brook, branches snapping underfoot, the springy forest floor, and the lush greenery all have an instant calming effect on our minds. It’s no wonder that the Japanese ritual of “forest bathing” (Shinrin-yoku) entices so many. We relish the opportunity to head out for a walk through the woods and heighten our senses.


A lot of our guests tell us that even the journey to reach the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann is stunningly beautiful. As you can imagine, that always puts a smile on our faces. We can hardly wait to show you even more of what’s on offer, with our aim of sending you back home fully energized and ready to get back to your daily routines.


For now, we simply must share this amazing ten-point guide to forest bathing with you:


  1. Stroll: Walk at a slow and comfortable pace. There is no set route or destination, and you can walk for as long as you like.
  2. Pause: Stop before you wear yourself out. Take plenty of breaks when you need them. Follow your heart.
  3. Experience: Take in your surroundings without feeling as though you are under any pressure. Stare in amazement and enjoy the shapes, colors, smells, and sounds of the forest. Lie down among the leaves and bask in the sunshine. Touch some bark, lean against a tree trunk, sit down on a stump. Have a taste of any young leaves you recognize. If you come across a stream, look into the water and cool off your feet.
  4. Discover: Keep your eyes wide open and rediscover familiar objects and sensations. Make a mandala, weave some grass, collect rocks, acorns, or chestnuts, look for a nice walking stick.
  5. Move Gently: Balance as you walk along logs and hop over stumps. Do some yoga if you can, as it will help your body take in more oxygen.
  6. Be Mindful: Focus on being in the moment, be implicitly amazed, and take everything in without bias.
  7. Relax Your Eyes: Look out into the distance. Enjoy the greenery in the forest and give your tired eyes a break from all the screens in your life.
  8. Do Breathing Exercises: Sit in a pretty spot and observe your breath as you let it come in and go out.
  9. Meditate: Collect your thoughts and calm your mind to find peace. Beginners may need guidance.
  10. Be Silent: Stay quiet, daydream, and enjoy having some time to yourself.


The Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann is surrounded by breathtaking nature of the Bregenzerwald, find our more.

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