01.06.2017 -

10 Years Bezau Beatz

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From August 10th – 12th 2017 our wonderful festival is turning ten!

At the time of the first Bezau Beatz Festival, Barack Obama had just started his first campaign for the US-Presidency while Austrians tried to recuperate from their losses during the Football European Cup in their own country. Since then quite a few changes have occurred but the Bezau Beatz festival is still a popular event. And for this special event, we have really given a lot of thoughts to the planning of the anniversary programme.

Lisa Simone, the daughter of deceased Soul Icon, Nina Simone, is the headliner for 2017. She is already a beloved superstar in France while her first solo album was just released in 2014. Previously, she worked amongst other things as an aeroplane technician. With brilliance, elegance, dignity and an unbelievably great voice, she thrills her audiences all across Europe. We are looking forward to a highly emotional evening with a worthy headliner for our anniversary festival!

The Hotel Post Bezau offers you a full festival package. For more information please click here.

On our site you will find all the fantastic acts. It will of course constantly filled with additional new contents and background information during the next few weeks and months. Checking in for updates now and then may be quite rewarding.

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