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From tradition to innovation

It’s hard to describe the feeling of getting such meaningful recognition as nomination for a World Spa Award – it’s somewhere between joy and jitters. But it’s little wonder really, as the international World Spa Awards are basically the Grammys or Oscars of the spa and wellness world. It really is the highest level of recognition a spa can get.

The winners of the World Spa Awards are decided by industry experts, media representatives, and the general public. After a few exciting weeks of voting, we emerged as the best wellness resort in Austria.

World leading. In being handed this award, Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann has been truly recognised among the best wellness hotels in the world. The award is testament to the vision which has guided Hotel Post since its establishment 150 years ago: a hotel rooted in the Bregenzerwald region, offering an authentic stay of the highest quality, with the wellbeing of guests always of paramount importance.

Nowadays people want to use their holidays for the targeted optimisation of their health, re-establishing balance in their lives,” says Stephanie Rist, director of Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufman. “Since June this year we’ve been consciously drawing ever more focus on our roots - nature and sustainability are at the forefront of our thoughts. And in order to meet the new expectations of guests, we developed our series of bespoke retreats. They’re all based on a holistic approach which intricately combines elements of nutrition, physical activity, and rest. Naturally, treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa are also a crucial component.”

From health hotel to luxury spa. Even back in the 1960s the “Post” had a small designated wellness area. In those days it was something of an innovation – even the local Bregenzerwald population would come to treat themselves to a mud pack. Then in 1994, Susanne Kaufmann took over the hotel and turned the former health and wellness zone into a standalone spa area. This was to be a place dedicated to beauty, relaxation and holistic wellbeing. Since then, prevention, regeneration and TCM therapies have been the central focus of our treatment concept.

A wholly modern approach to treatment. All treatments are tailor-made and specially adjusted to the skin of each guest. This one-of-a-kind spa concept brings together time-honoured therapeutic methods with the most contemporary treatment approaches. Susanne Kaufmann’s own eponymous line of holistic care products are a significant component of this, making up 100 percent of the products used. These products are highly effective and totally natural, using predominantly ingredients from this region. As part of the new retreats, these treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa are put to use in a powerful new way.

Innovative products and applications. All treatments for face and body have been developed with full maximisation of Susanne Kaufmann products in mind. As ever, the Susanne Kaufmann ™ Spa prides itself on continuous innovation and the development of new products and new treatment methods. “Here the development and application of products go hand in hand, allowing us to offer treatments which are holistically effective in the truest sense. That is a huge advantage and gives us ever more room for innovative approaches,” says Susanne Kaufmann. “Right from the start it was our intention for our spa to become a world leader in the spa industry. This recognition by the World Spa Awards gives us confirmation that we’ve achieved just that.”

A holistic focus. “We’ve been working these last few years to make sure that the spa sits among the best in the world, and we’ve sometimes used unorthodox ways to get there,” says Stephanie Rist. “The World Spa Award verifies that we’ve been putting the focus in the right places.” In the spa it’s not about treating specific symptoms, but rather getting to know the whole person as a complex individual being. This is a comprehensive approach that led us to the development of our holistic retreats, which we’ve been running since June 2019.

Today the concept behind the Susanne Kaufmann Spa is being implemented across the world, and has been singled out for distinction numerous times.




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