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At the beginning of the year, we are pleased to introduce to you the two rankings that are sure to increase our motivation to work hard on our performance even further in the new year.

Not only because the Hotel Post in Bezau was voted among the top 20 health temple by the Swiss business newspaper Schweizer Handelszeitung and the Condé Nast Traveller experts put our hotel on their Gold List 2018 but also the Connoisseur Circle ranking, features the Hotel Post Bezau as one of the 222 best hotels in Austria.

If this weren't enough reason to celebrate, the new Bürgenstock, the Waldhotel am Bürgenstock, the Waldhaus Sils in Sils Maria all in Switzerland and the São Lourenço do Barrocal, Monsaraz Portugal, which are all equipped with Susanne Kaufmann Spas, can be found on the list.

Schweizer Handelszeitung

The Schweitzer Handelszeitung says “Health can be sexy! More and more stress sufferers take this seriously and prefer to invest in their health, rather than to take care of their well being when they are already sick”. The Hotel Post Bezau follows the same concept.

Condé Nast Traveler

The experts of the travel magazine “Condé Nast Traveller” have gone at it again: For the eleventh time they have traveled around the world and rewarded the world’s best hotels of the year with a place on their “Gold List”.
Testers do not work with a defined questionnaire because they do not want to be guided by predefined criteria. What was decisive for them, apart from equipment and location, was how much “personality” the hotels radiate, how it responds to guest needs – in short, how high the feel-good factor is.

Connoisseur Circle

An editorial advisory board, consisting of certified tourism experts, tasks itself with the selection of the 222 Best Hotels in Austria every year. Test results of this nature, however, are and will always be subjective and thus dependent on the personal impression and handwriting of the individual expert. This is precisely why, with the commencement of the voting process for the 2018 winners of “The 222 Best Hotels in Austria”, the Connoisseur Circle has once again broadened its decision-making base and has incorporated in its rating the results of the best “Satisfaction Benchmark” worldwide: TrustYou

It’s great that we and our Susanne Kaufmann spas are found in all these rankings and we look forward to another exciting year with you as our guests.

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