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Time for a wellness weekend

The concept of wellness has become something of a marketing trend in recent times. But behind this buzzword lies a healthy holistic lifestyle encompassing nutrition, exercise, social interaction, and relaxation. The underlying idea is about nothing less than merging body, mind, soul, and environment into one. Even just a weekend of wellness has a plethora of positive impacts on body and mind, and is an ideal way to the recharge batteries during the year.

The ultimate “me time” First and foremost, a wellness experience increases our general wellbeing and lust for life in the best possible way. It’s about finally giving priority to ourselves and how we feel. This is something which can be all too fleeting in everyday life – all the more reason to set aside a specific time for doing just that during a short wellness holiday. There’s a whole range of possible ways that wellness can soothe both body and soul, including various relaxation techniques, special treatments, improvement of general fitness, and a balanced diet. In this respect, wellness weekends can provide that spark of positivity we can then take back to our normal lives and keep feeling good long after checking out. Because ultimately, long-term health requires a healthy lifestyle and preventative actions way beyond a wellness weekend.

The way to physical and mental fitness When it comes to improving general fitness, there’s a bewildering range of options: from yoga to Pilates, from tennis to swimming – all of which are possible during a wellness weekend. These different sports strengthen not only the musculature but simultaneously contribute to mental relaxation. The latter is especially important on a wellness weekend, a time which should leave you heading back home having well and truly topped up your energy reserves. Qigong or Tai Chi are ideal against stress, and targeted breath-based exercises in pranayama and yoga help slow down the train of thoughts. Mother Nature can play a key role too: green landscapes and fresh air provide a mental reset, whether while hiking, biking, or on a gentle stroll. In fact, clearing one’s mind is one of the main reasons many people choose a wellness holiday. With the phone turned off and “out of office” switched on, there’s nothing standing in the way of total relaxation. 

The power of nutrition To provide the body with revitalising energy, nutrition also plays an important part. During wellness weekends, fresh ingredients - ideally local and ‘zero mile’ – help improve our overall wellbeing. High-quality meat and fish, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables, contain an assortment of vital nutrients. This way, the body can effectively get rid of toxins, reduce stress, and regenerate the liver and kidneys. Fresh juices – such as those pressed at our own juice bar – support the body’s detox processes, acting as immune boosters, and giving our skin back its radiance and freshness.

Combatting stress Just as extensive as the range of physical activities are the number of possible spa treatments on offer. Massages relax the muscles and release tensions, contributing to overall wellbeing and an energy boost. Meanwhile, special skin treatments – such as those at our Susanne Kaufmann Spa – give a new shine to the skin with targeted grip techniques and peelings. This can also make small wrinkles and blemishes disappear, helping us emerge from a wellness weekend looking fresh and recovered. A better sleep is also key to this, as many of our body’s regeneration and repairing processes take place during the night. Accordingly, at some hotels this is gaining increasing consideration. At Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann, for example, purposeful evening routines and a sleep in Samina beds ensure a perfect end to the day.

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