Beauty in the City

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Susanne Kaufmann™ products and treatments now also in New York City at NYDG.

On bustling Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a place of tranquility and beauty has recently been added : The New York Dermatology Group's Integral Health and Wellness Center centered around star-dermatologist David Colbert. Susanne Kaufmann complements this offer with expert advice, products and treatments. She has brought with her the "Bespoke Rejuvenating Facial", which is only available in New York and Bezau to fight the signs of premature aging, harmful effects of environmental influences and stress-induced tensions on the conplexion.

City. New York or "the city that never sleeps", is known for its busy residents and their lives in the fast-forward. The minimalist, whitewashed NYDG Integral Health and Wellness Center caters for deceleration and tailor-made services in terms of beauty, performance and holistic medicine over an area of ​​650 square meters. In addition to a curated assortment of Susanne Kaufmann ™ products, the Susanne Kaufmann Spa Room offers six different face and body treatments. Among them is the Bespoke Rejuvenating Facial, which is based on the knowledge of 15 years of beauty and spa experience and the new Pollution Skin Defense System by Susanne Kaufmann at the heart of the treatment.

Beauty. "For me, beauty means authenticity and is a harmonious combination of charisma and well-being in one's own body," explains Susanne Kaufmann. Your latest product development and the right treatment will help. In the 90-minute Bespoke Rejuvenating Facial, the new Pollution Skin Defense System is used. The care system consisting of 15 ampoules is based on the three active ingredient complexes Vitamin C, Ection and Q10. Vitamin C equips the skin against free radicals and at the same time detoxifies the cells. Ectoin is one of the most important anti-aging agents, it stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens cell protection. Now the skin is ideally prepared to absorb the complex of effects Q10 and to stimulate collagen production. The first three drug vials are incorporated with various massage techniques and reduce the signs of skin aging and environmental impact. The remaining twelve ampoules are used for as many days at home in the bathroom, short training included. The result is a beautiful, healthy, transformed skin and a relaxed youthful radiance. Or like Dr. David Colbert says: "It makes you feel like a kid again."

P.S .: What would our treatments be without our treatment tables? These come from Gharieni and are made in Germany. What we love about them? Their special construction, spring system and upholstery. We are able to individually adapt the lying or sitting comfort to the physical needs of our customers. It's best you try it yourself.

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